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cultiuating the 561 kinds of loving kindness & Good-will
561 Metta Circle Method

In 516 Metta Circle (a) 3 kinds of Metta Circle (b) for those who are afraid serial from 2,3,4, for (17) persons one circle, East, South East, etc, (10) direction one circle and we have 3 kinds of Metta Circle and we have 3 kinds of Metta Circle. You will find serial No. (1) in this circle.

Beneath this (17) person circle, who are afraid, you have to recite like this all (1) those who are afraid, let them stay in peace, tranquility and disaster free together with Metta citcle 3 kinds. Then recite serially that all (2) (together with Metta 3 kinds) those who are not afraid, counted clockwise for 17 Khandha (soules) up to medium stage you multiply with 3 kinds of Metta you will get 51 kinds. For this you have to make for (10) directions, start from arrow pointed East saying that, those who are afraid (metta 3 kinds) for 17 person you will get 51 for one page.

For (10) directions you will get 510 Metta for personnel 51 kinds, if you add you will get 561 alltogether (51+510=561)

Specially to be Noted

Multiplying of Metta according to Metta Circle , for direction, you should say the word. "those who live in this direction"

For Example: Those who are in East direction (For East)
: Those who are in South East direction (For South East)
Say khandha word from 9 to 17 and mention Long/ Short/Large/Medium/Small/
Fat and Thin in recitation.

For Example : For those who have long khandha (bodies).
For those who have short khandha (bodies).

Note :Those who do not understand, please ask with Metta Meditation, May all gain Nivirna.

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